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What We Do

The Redwood offers safety, healing and opportunities for growth for women and their children fleeing abuse. Families receive case management and counseling services from Resident Services Counselors, access to empowering and life-changing programs, and transitional support when they are ready to take the steps toward a new life.

Free from fear. Free from threat.

Featured Story

Aisha’s Story

My name is Aisha. I am 34-years-old. I was born in Iraq. I am the mother of two adult children and one seven-year-old daughter. I got married at 13—a child bride—and survived 20 years of a terribly violent marriage. Once I arrived in Canada, I thought, maybe now I can escape.



“I had been starved of friendship for many years. The simple camaraderie shared with other women residents helped me find the courage and strength to heal my mind, my soul, my boundaries, and to find love for myself. We would sit together in the courtyard, listening to music, laughing and crying. We would eat together, clean the dining room and kitchen together, cook together on weekends.”