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What We Do

The Redwood offers safety, healing and opportunities for growth for women and their children fleeing abuse. Families receive case management and counseling services from Resident Services Counselors, access to empowering and life-changing programs, and transitional support when they are ready to take the steps toward a new life.

Free from fear. Free from threat.

Featured Story

With support from The Redwood, Becky found strength after the storm.


I want every woman and child who has suffered abuse to feel what it feels like to ‘shine bright’ again; to find that vitality within them and truly let it shine. I want them to know that their options are limitless, and that they can have all the joy and happiness imaginable. The Redwood makes all of this possible.
Former resident, current monthly donor
“WOTM has been truly an unforgettable experience. I would definitely recommend this program for other women, seeing as it changed my life for the better. I have to give the utmost credit to WOTM and The Redwood. It is because of this program that I now stand before you all stating in confidence that I am a success story.”
Women on the Move Leadership Program Valedictorian
During their time at The Redwood a transformation occurs. The children laugh, play freely, talk about their experiences, and make great art. It’s so nice to see them again at this new stage of their lives. They are always doing so well.
Volunteer since 2004
The Redwood has a huge a place in my heart. And I am deeply moved by the courage, stamina and strength of the women and their children who seek its services. For me, it's a very inspiring place to be involved with.
Former Board President and donor since 1998

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