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Safe Haven Store

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❤ Welcome to The Redwood’s

Back to School Safe Haven Store! ❤

Joyful Journaling!

Encourage children and youth with a journal filled with inspiring stories, colourful illustrations, and guided activities that focus on self-care and love.

Tote-ally Fun Art Supplies!

A tote full of supplies for each family keeps art workshops safe and fun!

Birthday Party!

Fete a woman or child living in the Emergency Shelter with a special birthday celebration!

Back to School!

Treat a child to a knapsack, school supplies, or a first-day outfit by providing their mom’s with a $100 gift card to go back to school shopping.


Help children get to school safely by providing a mother with a Presto card loaded with a month’s worth of travel.

Back to School Pizza Party!

Delight the children living at The Redwood with a Back to School Pizza Party!

Connect Kids With Chromebooks!

Keep children at The Redwood connected to online school, therapy, and fun workshops by providing them with a Chromebook of their own.

Fill the Fridge!

Get groceries for Redwood families moving back into the community!

Thanksgiving Outing !?!

A visit to the Zoo? CN Tower? A picnic on the Island?  Send the children to visit a nearby attraction once it is safe to do so!

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A Gift To The Redwood!

Provide safe refuge for women and children with your gift of any amount.

Thank you for supporting women and children living at The Redwood.

*If we receive gifts in excess of the amount needed for an item, The Redwood commits to using the funds in the area of greatest need.