24/7 Digital Helpline: iDetermine.ca

iDetermine.ca is The Redwood’s online platform that provides survivors of gender-based violence with interactive tools and resources needed to assess the dangers they may be facing and make decisions about how to leave or cope with their relationship more safely.

If you are experiencing abuse or questioning the safety of your relationship you can reach an iDetermine.ca crisis line responder by text or live chat, 24 hours a day. 

You can expect to find the following things in one, easy-to-navigate space:

  • Safe relationship quiz to assess level of risk in your relationship
  • Quiz to help make a plan to leave or cope with a relationship more safely 
  • Warning and danger signs of abuse
  • Tips about internet safety
  • List of resources for organizations that work with survivors of gender-based violence
iDetermine.ca can also assist friends and family of someone who is experiencing abuse, to learn how to be of support to them.
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