Scotiabank gifts $100,000 to The Redwood’s HVAC Staffing to help survivors of abuse achieve economic self-sufficiency

When leaving an abusive relationship, many women find it difficult to secure the kind of well-paid job they need to support their families on their own. This can lead women to return to a dangerous situation especially when they have children to feed.

The Redwood’s HVAC Staffing addresses this challenge by providing survivors of domestic abuse with a pathway to economic self-sufficiency; supporting them as they train and then find employment as certified Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Technicians.

We are grateful to announce that Scotiabank’s ScotiaRISE program is supporting The Redwood on this life-changing initiative for the next two years, with a $100,000 community investment.

The funds will be used to help support women leaving abusive relationships and will cover tuition and costs related to HVAC training such as transportation expenses, books, workwear, and safety equipment.  Most critically, Scotiabank will fund grocery store gift cards to be distributed to women while they train. The Redwood extends our deepest appreciation and admiration for Scotiabank’s generous investment in the lives of women who have experienced abuse.  Through our partnership with ScotiaRISE, we’re helping to remove barriers to advancement and increasing access to opportunities for women in need.

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