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HVAC Staffing

If you work in HVAC and you want to learn more about becoming a client with The Redwood’s HVAC Staffing, you’re in the right place. If you’re somebody who wants to learn more about job opportunities, training and certification, click here.

The Redwood’s HVAC Staffing is a new social enterprise employment agency that provides trained staff to companies looking for great workers and who want to make a difference.


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    The Redwood’s HVAC Staffing is a social enterprise employment agency that provides HVAC training, certification, and jobs to women and non-binary people who’ve experienced gender-based violence.

    We know that when leaving an abusive relationship, many women find it next to impossible to secure the kind of good-paying job they need to support their families. This can lead them to return to a dangerous situation, especially when they have children to feed.

    By providing survivors with support throughout the process of training and certification, The Redwood’s HVAC Staffing’s job seekers are able to secure stable employment and a living wage, both of which lead to safety.

    Other HVAC partners like yourself tell us how impressed they are with The Redwood’s HVAC Staffing’s workers — and how proud they and their families are to be involved.

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