Your special gift will brighten the days of women and children living in The Redwood!

Tote-ally Fun Art Supplies! $50

Spark creativity with a tote full of arts supplies each family can use to participate in workshops created just for them by long-time volunteers!

Birthday Party! $75

Fete a woman or child living in the Emergency Shelter with a special birthday celebration!

Bliss Out Mom! $100

Your gift will provide a woman staying at the shelter with one-hour of therapeutic Thai massage and Reiki, right here in the safety of the shelter.

Yoga for Moms! $150

Treat women living in the shelter to a one-hour group yoga class designed especially for them!

Presto Card! $150

Help children get to school safely by providing a mother with a Presto card loaded with a month’s worth of travel.

Fill the Fridge! $600

Nourish a family moving out of the shelter with the gift of a month of groceries!

A Gift to The Redwood of Any Amount!

Provide safe haven for women and children with your gift of any amount.

Thank you for supporting women and children served by The Redwood.

*If we receive gifts in excess of the amount needed for an item, The Redwood commits to using the funds in the area of greatest need.

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