An email from *Valerie: Finding safety and community in The Redwood’s emergency shelter

Hi ladies,


I’m writing this to thank you all and all the other staff members that I do not have their email addresses (please pass my regards and share this with them), for the warm welcome I received from the day I arrived at The Redwood to the day I left. The support I received was extremely amazing. Now I’m looking at where I am in a matter of one year and I am just grateful and thankful. I remember this day last year like it was yesterday, packing my suitcase making sure I had all the important documents and hiding it while a bit nervous that he might accidentally see it. I always say to myself this is the best decision I’ve ever made in my life because it was not easy but I had the strength and courage to do it and I’m now looking back while patting myself on my back.


My girls and I treasure every moment we had and will keep those memories. We took pictures that we usually sit and look at while we say how much we miss our home The Redwood. The girls miss birthdays at The Redwood, they say those were best birthdays, they also miss the bike camps and the friends they made at Redwood not forgetting the programs they were involved in, Ice-cream on Friday nights lol, we even continue doing it here. Every Friday I treat them to pizza, ice cream and watch a movie on Netflix, just like we did
at The Redwood.

We are doing well here I’m back to work and doing what I love to do…baking, the kids love their school/daycare. *Ayla will be joining big sister *Katya at school in September (JK) and she’s so excited.


Once again thanks to everyone at Redwood for the support,


*“Valerie”, “Ayla” and “Katya” are pseudonyms we are using to protect the family’s privacy.

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